Sunday, January 02, 2011

do you feel healthy?

Each time the new year rolls around, the newspapers are full of how to make resolutions, how to keep them and of course worthwhile resolutions to make in the first place. Usually, one of the top items is to become more healthy, maybe to switch to a different health insurance plan, maybe something like BCBSNC and of course to eat healthier and exercise more. Did you have any of them on your list? I don't make resolutions since I usually end up forgetting about them too quickly, but I must focus on eating healthier and becoming more sporty this year. Since E has been born, I've been so caught up with her and all the work that accompanies an infant, and now I suddenly feel so exhausted all the time and even the littlest of exertion leaves me tired, so it's time to focus on feeling a little better.

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