Saturday, October 23, 2010

redistributing the weight

I never ever thought I would think like this, but the last time I was in the pharmacy to buy Vitamin D drops for little E, I happened to spot the weight loss products and actually stopped to look at them. Yes, I stopped and looked at them, trying to figure out which would be effective diet pills and then suddenly realized what I was doing. Now I feel guilty at even thinking of taking the easy way out, especially since I need more to tone up rather than lose weight. But at times it's just so easy to dream of the extra weight melting away, but it never happens like that of course, unless you're 20 years old or a supermodel from Brazil. Unfortunately, I am neither, so must struggle with the extra baggage, emotionally and physically. I must admit that I am struggling much more emotionally about it rather than physically, since I've always been a thin girl. The extra weight I'm talking about is just a couple of kilos, so it's really not much, but I'd like it "re-distributed" I suppose.

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