Wednesday, October 20, 2010

photo: some quiet time

A photo from a few weeks back, before the chaos of the packing and moving started. I am so eager to reach this same level of relaxation here at our new home as well, but after the first initial rush of unpacking, I've been slacking a bit and things are lying as they were a week back, waiting for me to get to them. Oh well, I reason that it's better to enjoy my time with little E, rather than place emphasis on having a neat and tidy home. So that's it.

some quiet time

Lemon yogurt crumble coffee cake that I made in time for the weekend. This is the second time I made it and it came out much nicer this time. It looked different too, since I used brown sugar in the crumble topping instead of the usual white sugar.


GB said...

The cake looks really good. Don't sweat the neat home part---you have your priorities right---babies grow up in the blink of an eye....enjoy the soft cuddly time with E.

Haddock said...

That Lemon yogurt crumble coffee cake looks good. Wonder what that Review was about (looks more like a LP jacket)

Chica said...

Recipe pleaseee ????

shilpa said...

that is always my excuse to justify my very "live-in look" to the house! not wanting to use untidy, cluttered or chaotic this morning :D

take care of you, too :)

Shalini said...

GB, thanks so much! You're so right on them growing up in the blink of an eye, Little E is going to be 6 months old and I just cannot believe how the time has gone by so fast.

Haddock, the Review is the Friday edition of The National, and has all sorts of reviews of books, music, plays, art etc. The cover story was about the recently opened NYU Abu Dhabi campus.

Chica, here's a link to the recipe...

shilpa, Oh yes, I like the way you term it "the live-in look". That's my style from now on!