Monday, September 20, 2010

yay to home offices

We've been planing to set up a home office for both of us, since he does a good amount of work on the weekends and evenings and I, well, I kind of work from home all the time. I've always loved looking at office furniture stores since everything seems so tempting, but I definitely don't want to make our space look too office like. For me, it has to be a creative space, with a place for a changeable art wall, where I can put up my artwork and keep changing it without too much of a hassle. For him, the space must be functional and have a space for every single thing, else it ends up a mess. Obviously, we want to have our own spaces, so it cannot be a lavish set up for either one of us, but must fit into our home quite naturally.


shilpa said...

I love the idea of a 'his' and 'her' space. Now, since the hubby does not have "office" work per se, he has lots of on-line studies and research etc. So, he uses the laptop and me the desktop...

I have also been toying with idea of installing shelves for the stationery and craft stuff for school projects until the kids are big enough to sort these things on their own!

Shalini said...

We both use laptops, but I think we need to get a bit more organized about it.

Shelves for kids sound good....they'll learn organizational skills early on.