Monday, September 20, 2010

photo: getting ready for the weekend

getting ready for the weekend

There is something so magical about an upcoming weekend, isn't there! We love planning our weekends, especially since ours are on Friday and Saturday, so the planning starts on Thursday morning itself and we are already in a weekendy mood by the time it actually starts. This is a shot of our coffee cups one afternoon at home while we browsed the newspapers.


Patricia Torres said...

but its only MOnday.. you cant just be that eager... What do you have planned??

Haddock said...

That is Coffee and cookies I suppose, but what is in the second cup?

shilpa said...

hope you have a lovely weekend. What is always miraculous to me is a holiday (like tomorrow for Visarjan) mid-week. Makes me want to sing and dance for joy!

I like how you update your blog and photostream and read and take pictures and serve your tea as prettily as ever!

Now, supermom, your secret, please!!

Shalini said...

Patricia, lol, I'm not that organized to take and post pics on the same day! This was taken a week back actually!

Haddock, both are coffee. Mine is regular, and my hubby's has a frothy topping with cocoa powder on top.

shilpa, Yes, we had a nice relaxing weekend. E let us sleep in till 730am on Friday morning :-)

Lol, doing it all with a little less sleep. Photos I take super fast....I put it all together in my head and then run around like a madwoman at the time to quickly take the shot.

Ah, the secret! It's my little Elisha's sweet smile that spurs me on and takes away my tiredness. Sounds so cheesy na? But it's amazing how it works :-)