Monday, September 13, 2010

monsoon magic

There's something special about seeing rain drops isn't there? I love to watch them as they drip of leaves and flowers, and to be able to capture them with my new (well, bought in March this year) camera has been a lot of fun. I wouldn't have even tried to take pics like some of these with the old one.

I took these shots one rainy morning when I was in Delhi. It had been a damp squib of a monsoon till then, barely one rainy day per week so weather like this was highly anticipated by me.

Of course, now days the monsoon has gone into over drive and it's pouring cats and dogs everyday, causing all the roads to flood and most of them to disintegrate in the process as well.

I love the view we have from the balcony. It's unusual for Delhi and it's a great treat during the monsoons.

Even the reflections of the plants looks so interesting thanks to the rain.

I love that I caught the imprint of my slipper on the rain splattered floor.

A fallen bougainvillea bloom caught in the branches.

Something so earthy and simple about these blooms. I don't think I could ever get tired of them.

More rain splattered shots.


pink dogwood said...

just beautiful

Eterna said...

I love your balcony..Thats so refreshing a view..

hitchwriter said...

Lovely pictures... you have a really keen eye... you observe... I love watching your pictures... although off late I havent been around online too much... !!!

Beautiful pictures..

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

lovely pictures,i think we both have asame mind,i thought of putting some monsoons my way.lovely pic shalu

ashwita said...

when you catch something sooo beautiful, one can't always share it with the world in its same essence..but your words and pictures so purely with its innate beauty talk to me! i love the way you've spread them here...thank you so much for the share...


Shalini said...

Thanks so much everyone! Such a pleasure to be out on the balcony taking shots in the drizzle.