Monday, September 20, 2010

do you still have your prom dress?

Did you have a prom? Wasn't it the biggest deal ever at the time? We never called them proms, and instead called them Socials, since that was what we did, socialize. Getting the clothes right was a big deal for them as well. The importance of the prom dress is understood if you were to enter the words in google and see just how many results turn up. It's amazing how much of the teenage clothing industry is attuned to them, especially since like a wedding dress, they're only worn once.


Kamini said...

Ah yes...the social. I remember it well even though it was sooo loong ago! I pestered my mom to buy me these violently pink elephant pants with those horrendous shoes with the highheels...I forget what they were called? Platform shoes? I'm talking late 70's!!! Whatever...its a memory I would really like to forget :-)

shilpa said...

We went all Indian traditional for our socials and I have all the saris cos I used to borrow mom's... and her blouses, too. For a long time I could wear them with the minimum of alteration. yeah, we were referred to as the santoor ads, too.
Now, I'm way to skinny and picky for mom's things, though I still need her advice for everything I buy :)

Shalini said...

Kamini, wow, what an outfit that must have been! I'm sure me and my sister fought the same wars, but I've blocked out all the ugly outfits :-)

shilpa, I remember wearing saris for one of the socials...and wore my mom's blouse backwards! And even worse, I refused to believe anyone who told me that I was wearing it backwards!

Lol, santoor ads...that must have been fun!

Kits said...

Oh man, I went for a prom Shalini only once in my life and that memory stayed with me forever. I wore my good 'Catholic' friend's grey skirt and blouse and my friends did my make up for me! Totally surreal I tell u :D