Thursday, September 30, 2010

burn upon reading!

Don't you hate it when you start getting unwanted mail from a trusted source? Or rather, from a once trusted source. I think one of my ex-colleagues has sold out my email id to an agency that sends me a ton of mail, usually something to do with health related stuff, but I say that in a very general sense. Sometimes there are cleanse smart reviews and at other times, just quotations about how to live a good life. Those really aren't too bad, although I'm not big on getting unsolicited mail of this variety, especially the kind that you have to forward to 10 people within 5 minutes of reading the mail, else all hell will break lose, like the burn upon reading kind of spy thing. I delete this kind of mail as soon as I see it or as soon as I realize that it is one of those mails. Maybe it's time to change my email id.

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