Tuesday, September 21, 2010

as the body changes

Am I cribbing too much about having a tough time losing the last bit of baby weight? It's almost 5 months now and it hasn't magically disappeared as many people say it does. Oh it just melted away, I never even did a thing about it and when I checked my weight I weighed even less than before and so on. Well, I can't say any such dialogue since it hasn't happened to me. It's still there, hanging on, loving my body and not budging. Ok, maybe I'm making too big a deal of it, after all it's just a couple of kilos we're taking about. But no, it isn't, the whole body changes with just that much extra and it's really not as if I'm reaching for the thermogenic fat burners to get it off, it's just that I feel really funny sometimes. I notice that I walk differently now, my balance is different and I just want to feel like the old me again. I know, it's never the same thing, and I'm not that much into looks that I will go overboard. I haven't even joined a gym after all. I really did want it all to melt away, so I could say that line. What fun that would have been!


Kamini said...

Ahhh the baby body change! Your old body will come back, trust me! After all, you did have a baby, that wonderful bundle of E joy! She's worth every pound you put on :-)

shilpa said...

well, just because the fat melts away, your old bady needn't be back!
after Suhana, I was back to my teenage body, but after Abi, my body is just not the same... despite having lost every ounce of weight I put on. There are curves (reads better) where I like them, and sadly, where I don't. But, I weigh lesser than before, truly!!
I see it as a way of physically evolving along with everything else in my life... and, there's tons of stuff that I can never ever wear, not at the cost of my grace and dignity, but, there is still so much scope for elegance - its just a matter of settling into the new you!
like Kamini said above, darling E is worth every pound dear :D