Friday, July 02, 2010

...and travel lured me back

I'm blogging after a record break of 2 months....something I haven't done on this blog for a long time. My break's been good, wonderful actually, with the little one keeping me on my toes.

We're already planning for a vacation once she's a bit older and able to travel and enjoy the sights. A family trip is what we're thinking of, since it'll be a lot of help for me and a lot of fun for everyone to be with her as well. So, now that I have a bit of free time now and then, like right now :-), I've started browsing through sites for interesting offers and places to go to.

And so what is catching my attention these days, well it's Australia! I know the flights there are long and tiring, but there's just so much to see there, that I'm really intrigued. Long international flights are something that really put me off at times, especially when there are so many great places to explore nearby, but then there are some great cheap flights to tempt you with a trip as well.

Quantas is by far the best airline to fly to Australia, since it has the maximum number of flights and numerous connections, but other airlines like Jetstar, Singapore Airlines and United are also viable options.

Since the little one is just 2 months old as yet, we're not packing our bags just yet, especially for a long-haul flight, but it's great to know the options at least and see what all is available out there.


Patricia Torres said...

really.. there are cheap deals to Aus from India?? Its sooooooooooo expensive from Dubai.. I simply love Aus.. there is so much to do.. so much to see.. and such fun!!!

Hey.. you shouldnt worry about your little one.. kids just have a ball on flight.. and go off to sleep.. its simply awesome..

Indrani said...


Nice to a post after a very long gap. Hope you and the baby are doing well.


Hema P. said...

Once you're bitten by the travel bug, there's no going back, is there? I'm sure your little one has inherited your genes and is raring to go places, too. Have fun planning that first trip with her! :)

Kits said...

Welcome back :) Start travelling asap I tell you - the lil one needs to be trained early :)

Kamini said...

Hey its easy when they are 2 months old! Like Patty said, they'll sleep the whole time on the flight. Its when they are 2-3 that it gets dicey :-)
Have a fun vaca if you do go, Australia is fantastic!Hope you and lil one are doing well!

GB said...

Congrats on joining the mommy club. I'm dropping after a loong time, glad to hear the news!

ricky said...

its really impressive blog posting you done here

Shalini said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and welcome back!

I was in a great optimistic mood that day when I wrote this :-)

But it's great to at least start thinking about traveling with little e, so that she loves it too.

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