Thursday, April 15, 2010

photo: the simple joys

Enjoying a cup of tea and chocolate is one of life's pleasures right! Too often we start doing things in routine and forget the little joys.

And old shot taken ages ago in Dubai.


Patricia Torres said...

I've lost your email id... :-(

My pc died last month... and has been resurrected..

We’ve moved near interchange 1 on Shk zayed road… its called the Satwa road and is parallel to Al Wasl… Is that what you were talking about??

Hey… I like the colour of your sofas… where have you picked them up from.?? Our sofas were 10 year old… and a bit messy… my hubby thought it was rather embarrassing to tell the movers to move them… *grin* can you believe!!! So we don’t have sofas at the moment… Any ideas?? Mail me... if you think of anything..

Shalini said...

Ouch, losing a pc is always sad....hope you didn't lose too much data.

Just sent you a mail with all the details :-)

Charu said...

I so agree! the best things in life come uncomplicated and easy - we just don't realize it often :)