Saturday, March 27, 2010

Orlando: holding all the right cards

I was looking through some of the travel sites that I browse on a weekly basis and found that the hottest destinations for the summer seem to revolve around Disney vacations. Orlando is definitely a popular destination this year, and one of the reasons might be that many of these sites are offering great packages, even for the peak summer months when hotel rates and show prices skyrocket through the roof. Besides the Disney attraction, Orlando has many other pulls as well, such as it's world class meeting and seminar facilities, which have made it a popular choice for conferences. Sports wise, too the area has lots to offer, from golf, to fishing to water sports. I think that's why no matter the season or the state of the economy, Orlando seems to be attracting tourists.


shilpa said...

you have such precise and stream-lined thoughts!

... and, totally fascinating, how you always put up cute and concise posts. I can never do that :(

Shalini said...

Lol, if only you knew how scatterbrained I can be! Sometimes I think I need to run a defragmentation on my brain gather all my thoughts together.

And I love how you are able to write such long posts.