Friday, March 12, 2010

Have you started planning your dream home?

Making your own home is a big deal for everyone isn't it! For most people it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, to get all the aspects that one has dreamed about for years and years. The starting point of a great home is to have the perfect house plan, one that will suit your requirements and will grow with you and your family through changes and weather well too.

Now comes the confusing part. Where do you find these perfect house plans? I did a search and came across pretty quickly in my search and found that they have been in the business for over 25 years, which speaks for a lot in this business. Since they have an in-house technical team they are in great demand, especially from first time home buyers and home constructors.

Remember that when you're looking for home plans, you factor in aspects such as your own capabilities, the weather where you live, how many people will will be occupying the home and so on. Also very important is to use someone who has been recommend since that is one of the best ways to judge a company and its product.When it comes to the kind of place I want, I must have lots of windows, strategically placed windows to catch the morning light, in the master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. Morning light is what gives a home its soul, its heart and I must have it. So apart from having the right kind of home plan, I must have a plot where there is uninterrupted sunlight.

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