Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a sunny vacation

I've been thinking...that it's been a while since we took off for a vacation to a sunny spot. Well, since we live in such a sunny part of the world, we usually consider vacations in the hills or cooler climes, but I came across an advertisement for one of those Bahamas vacation rentals and it really got me thinking. A warm and sunny beach vacation sure sounds good. Somewhere not too far of course, someplace where there's not much to do besides lazing around, somewhere with good food and somewhere with good deals. Asking for too much you say, I think so too, but then that's what dreams are all about!


Haddock said...

The main idea is to get away for a change.
And yes not too far away.....or one will be wasting time in travelling.

Patricia Torres said...

Thats honestly asking for too much.. Shalini!! Sri Lanka has lovely beaches.. and its cheap.. the food is extra spicy.. but yummmm...And you can also do some good shopping in Colombo..

Hey.. try Maldives.. Its amazing!! Or Sharm El Sheikh.. I havent been to Sharm El Sheikh.. but I've heard its nice..

Or.. Cyprus.. or even Salalah..

Another thought.. Mussandam.. was gorgeous as well..

Now I want to go on holiday as well..

Dinners and Dreams said...

A warm and sunny beach vacation sure sounds good to me too :) You're making me dream of exotic places. I love your banner picture-is that Greece?



Dinners and Dreams said...

Never mind about the header question. I just saw the text underneath :)

Shalini said...

Haddock, I completely agree!

Patricia, Sri Lanka really appeals to me a lot. My parents visited a couple of years back and really had a grand time. Thanks for the suggestions, I will look up Sharm El Sheikh. And yes, Cyprus has been on my wish list since we came to this part of the world, along with Montenegro.

Dinners and Dreams, lol, I'm always dreaming of exotic places thanks to blog surfing!