Monday, February 15, 2010

list: January reading

streaks of sunlight

January 2010 has been good reading month, considering just how much work and back-and-forth there has been going on.

False Impression--Jeffrey Archer. This one was lying in my room at my parents place for ages, I just always assumed that I had already read it. I loved's about art and history, with some murders and chases around the world as well. Fast paced and like the Jeffery Archer of old times. Well, it's not that new of a book anyway.

Slumdog Millionaire/ Q&A --Vikas Swarup. Very frankly I like the original title for the book, as it just suits it more. I was told to read this book right when it first came out, but never got around to buying it. Then it turned into a phenomenon and I didn't want to read it for some reason. But now I was gifted a signed copy of the book, alas it has the movie cover instead of the original one, but still, it's a signed copy!

The Templar Legacy--Steve Berry. Fast paced, stuffed with history, and that too very controversial history, but very interesting and gripping nevertheless. In the same lines of The Da Vinci Code.


Arch at Rang said...

The Templar legacy sounds interesting:-)

I loved the da vinci code:-)


Shalini said...

Yes, it was a good book, but I found it hard to keep track of what was fiction and what was historical, but totally worth it still.