Tuesday, February 09, 2010

how many computers are enough?

I can't believe it's already a year and a half since I bought my new laptop. Yes, I still call it my "new" laptop, even though my hubby bought one a few months after I did, but somehow mine is the "new" one. Lol, well that's just how life goes! When I brought it, I had decided that I would replace it in 3 years, so I'm already half way there. This time I'm thinking maybe of getting one of these desktop computers as well as getting a souped up Mac laptop as well. Seems very tempting to me! I just have to figure out whether I really need to have both at the same time. That's the hard part.


yasmine zedan said...

My laptop is a friend indeed :-)
anyway,I guess 2 computers are enough..a desktop and a laptop..
do u have a facebook account?:-)

Patricia Torres said...

Gosh.. what would you do with two?? My laptop is a year old.. and is dying.. so I dont know if you can wait for 3 years any more..

Tanya said...

We almost have one each if you count the work laptop which you cant really because even though its connected being a work computer it has so many sites blocked its just about useless on that front- social networking, blogging, some news sites, airline sites etc. They are all laptops too at the moment when our desk top finally died we just never replaced it. Kinda like being able to compute whereever but I do miss the discipline of a desk- Im thinking theres room for both :)

~mE said...

Mac is super :)

shilpa said...

how many shoes do you need? Are four bags too much or ten?

the answer would be as many as you need :)

Shalini said...

yasmine, I do think two are enough too, but am just so tempted with a desktop. Yes, am on fb, but rarely use it.

Patricia, We have a laptop each....since we both do so much work on them and can travel with them as well. Yes, these days even 3 years is too much of a wait.

Tanya, that's exactly my point..."the discipline of a desktop", that's what I need.

me, yes, so tempted to get one next!

shilpa, lol, always so philosophical! I think 2 should be fine for us!