Sunday, December 27, 2009

photo: reading time

reading time

Spending time at home always means that I get to sit out on the terrace and read my book for an hour or so everyday. I love the simplicity of life back home, the old routines, the familiar ways and the ease of life. This is a shot taken a week or so back.


Haddock said...

Familiar surroundings and familiar situations put us at ease.

Patricia Torres said...

Oh how nice.. Looks like you are having a great time.. I'm sure you are not missing any of us... or Dubai.. Huuummm... that sounds familiar as well.. ;-)

Hope you have a great New year celebration.. and hope the year ahead is fabulous for you...

~mE said...

:) wow lovely
i love reading on the terrace too :)

hitch writer said...

sigh... ! how I would love some free time... at home with nothing to do... !

Leelawadee said...

Have a great holdays to you Shalini:) Always good to spend a quiet time at home..


Shalini said...

Haddock, yes, so true! It's nice to be surrounded by such things.

Patricia, Yes, enjoying my time at, nope not missing Dxb at all!

S, :-)

hw, lol, it's what I look forward to when I come home!

Aor, Happy holidays to you as well!