Monday, October 19, 2009

on a morning walk

Morning walks are something that I have really enjoyed in Dubai. Apart from June to mid September, one can really enjoy the early morning time here. I like to go really early, just after sunrise, so I can have a good 25-30 minutes of walking before the sun comes up over the buildings. It's also nice to go early to avoid the morning rush hour and the school buses, which ruin the tranquility with their impatient horns.

There are all villas in the area we live, all single or double storey homes, with high walls and elaborate gates, which makes it quite interesting to walk and admire or gasp in horror at the sights. There are also a large variety of bougainvillea bushes, oleander, jasmine, plumeria and other flowering shrubs for me to refresh my eyes and take photos.

Here are some shots of my walk a few days back. The strings of light decorations are the typical decor for weddings here.


Patricia Torres said...

The strings of lights look great by night... I always admire the designs they come up with!!

Hey.. you'll have a laugh if I tell you what time I go for my morning walks...

Katja said...

I love those lights, so pretty! And what I really enjoy in your pictures is to see beautiful plants so different than the ones that grow around here. It's a instant little get-away:)

Tanya said...

Im a big fan of stringed lights in the garden and not just for weddings!

Shalini said...

Patricia, Yes, I love the way they light houses here, always so symmetrical and orderly!

Lol, I love my quiet time in the mornings...and that pushes me to wake up just a little earlier to avoid the rush.

Katja, Yes, the plants here are a world away from what you have. That's such a nice way to put it..."instant little get-away"!

Tanya, me too...they bring so much energy to an area!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Shalini, nice pics. Strung lights are making a big time comeback, and they really look pretty too!

Hop over to The Keybunch sometime. There is a handmade cushion giveaway from Kye up for grabs!


shilpa said...

maybe I'll start morning walks if there were beautiful sights as these :)

JD said...

the string of lights looks so cute. the flowers too

Shalini said...

Sharon, thanks....I agree...there's something so charming about strings of light in the garden.

Shilpa, Lol, when we were considering moving several months back, I vetoed all the places where the walks would be boring :-)

JD, thanks :-)