Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh for god's sake!

Since I love to go out for walks and am slim built, I often get asked about my reason for walking. Some people outright ask me if it's part of some weight loss diet kind of plan. No, No, No. I just love to walk, can't it be as simple as that. Walking is a habit for me, right from the time I joined boarding school at the age of 8 and 1/2. We had to walk or march everywhere, up and down slopes to the dorms, to the class rooms, to the dining hall, to the playing fields and so on until it became part of me. It's as simple as that.

Sorry, to cut the post short, but I'm off to make a sign that says all this and carry it around when I walk...maybe that will work as weightlifting too :-)


Patricia Torres said...

Ha ha... try printing it on a t-shirt and wearing it to your walks..

I like to walk as well.. but just have been super lazy to wake up early in the morning..

shilpa said...


but,really, for someone who never walked (literally), you are inspiring me to do so. I am so looking forward to the days when Abi will not need me as soon as he wakes up so I can at least give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Lol... !!

walking is good and I like it tooo.. but like Pat I have been equally lazy !!! :P

Shalini said...

Patricia, lol, I really ought to do just that!

shilpa, that's cool! My neighbor has the same problem....coordinating between school buses and a younger child who will freak out if she's not there when he wakes up.

hw, :-)