Monday, September 28, 2009

Travel trends

I've been reading several travel newsletters on how the recession has impacted the industry and also on how travelers are coming up with innovative solutions to still be able to vacation. One of the more popular ways has been to rent an RV, which co-relates with the high number of rv insurance policies that have been sold in the past few months. RV travel has a long history in the US and with people focusing on domestic travel, this trend has really caught on.

Another popular options has been to swap homes with other people, so you can save on hotel rooms. People also swap cars in some cases, so all you have to pay for is the gas and you get to see a new place while staying for free. There are many sites that facilitate these swaps, which makes it easier to organize everything for the first time home swapper.

Timeshares are also popular, and interestingly a lot of people who invest in timeshares do not actually get to use them, due to their endless restrictions, months of advance booking and charges upon charges. The slowdown has changed this, and more timeshare owners are actually using their vacations than before. Many resorts and time share plans are also offering substantial discounts to last minute travelers as a way to not let unsold rooms be wasted.

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