Wednesday, September 16, 2009

list: september promises

September seemed to have come up on us so quickly this year. And I'm happy about that. September is when one can finally breathe a sigh a relief for the nearing of the end of the harsh summer, and the promise of better weather.

September promises:
  • to make me sit and wonder how the year flew by.
  • to dream of cold winter days when I have a mug of hot chocolate in my hand.
  • to be able to venture out for pleasure again.
  • to visit my favorite park in the city, Creek Park where I love to watch the water lap softly against the shore. 
  • to be a time of planning for a winter vacation and annual family gettogethers.
  • a time of hope, a time of joy and a time for dreams.
The photo is of the wall behind our house in Dubai and was taken ages ago, while on a morning walk.


magiceye said...

beautifully composed picture
best wishes for an enjoyable winter!

shuma.rani said...

Yesterday truly felt like autumn had arrived in London - it rained all day. It's a shame that it has come so soon, I was quite enjoying the summer days.

Happy September :)

pink dogwood said...

I like september too :)

love the color of the wall in the picture.

Patricia Torres said...

oh lovely list you've got there... Dont forget to go to Zabeel park as well...

September is normally a busy month for me... Its half year end at work... and equally busy at work... with birthdays.. & diwali & christmas around the corner..

Shalini said...

magiceye, thanks...looking forward to it!

shuma, the weather seems to have shifted subtly here as well. Yes, summer in London can be quite glorious.

pink dogwood, thanks....the morning light always gives it a golden glow!

Patricia, thanks....have you noticed the blue skies we've been having lately, no haze, no dust and a gentle breeze. Yes, I must go to Zabeel too, I've heard so much about it...and saw a pic of the new ride there in the paper today.

shilpa said...

lovely list!

its bright and sunny and hot again in mumbai... but, the festivals and two shaadis of my closest cousins is what I'm looking forward to :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

ur writings and the list feels like september...The yellow on the wall so much matches september in mind..

Shalini said...

shilpa, so much excitement with the festivals and shaadi, I'm sure! Hope you have fun shopping too!

Lakshmi, that's so cool! Thanks so much!