Saturday, August 22, 2009

photo: among the clouds

Everyone goes to the hills for different reasons. Some go to see something new, some go for the cooler weather and some for the excitement. I go to the hills for tranquility, for refreshing myself, for spending time with my family.

This was the view from the helipad at Charabara where the Presidential Retreat is located, just before Kufri. It might look like it was a nice serene spot, but in fact it was crowded and noisy, full of tourist vehicles, and vendors selling things like balloons and stuffed toys. There was also an area where tourists could dress up in Himachali clothes and jewelery to get their photo taken.


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Same here my dear,i just go to the hills for fresh air,some good times together and to forget all tensions.i know each time it has been so useful,now the clock ticks inside you and tell you when you need to go to the hills.its been like that ,wonderful isnt it.Now if i dont go to the hills,i really dont know how the tension will come down.If i cannot handle things at home ,its time i took a break......we know it .Interesting isn it ?And its true..

Patricia Torres said...

Hills, beaches, forts or just amusements parks.. Holidays are meant for you to get away from the everyday madness..

I come back from one holiday and start planning the other.. even if its a small break.. it feels great to get away!

Shalini said...

Lakshmi, so rightly said...."the clock ticks inside you" reminding you that it's time to go to the hills again!

Patricia, I start planning my next getaway as I return from one's nice to have a trip to look forward to.

shilpa said...

lakshmi - you put it so beautifully "the clock ticking inside of you..."

true for all of us. I am more of a sun and sand person, but we alternate our holidays between the sea and mountains.

Anonymous said...

WoW...beautifully captured shot....lovely view!

Shalini said...

shilpa, I love beach holidays too. We did several of them when we lived in Bombay, but now that I live in the desert, the mountains have greater appeal!

flyingstars, thanks!