Monday, August 31, 2009

it's been a laptop year!

In the past year, I've spent a good amount of time researching laptops. First, it was mine that crashed and after 3-4 days of enjoying not being connected, I went out and bought a laptop. I purposely did not buy a top of the line one, since I want to replace my laptops every 2-3 years and so I felt it's really no point in spending too much on it. My new laptop has a much larger screen and keypad, with enough space for a number pad as well, which is rather handy!

Then a few months later, my hubby's laptop developed an error in it's screen and rather than replace just the screen, we decided to replace the laptop, which was due anyway, since it was over 3 years old. One of the laptop brands we considered was the Sony Vaio line, but ultimately we went ahead with another brand and he's rather happy with it. So far so good!

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