Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a reprieve!

Miracles do happen!

I am still in a bit of a daze, regarding the whole flickr thing, which I really thought was a complete done thing. I am relieved that I still have access to it, even though I now know not to take it for granted, and accept that it can go any time, and that I have to be OK with that.

I had planned a series of things to do, for work and for creativity, to keep busy and not dwell on the fact the such a fun part of my daily life would just disappear all of a sudden. It just goes to show, how attached we all get to things, and this is not even a real thing that we can touch.


Arch at Rang said...

Congrats that Flickr is still accessible:-)

Agree with you that we do get attached to things and find it really hard to let go:-)

Hope you had a great break!


Shalini said... glad about it. I had two months to prepare myself to do without it....which is why I flickred so much during my break, so this has been so unexpected.

Break was longest to date, but really well spent.

Patricia Torres said...

Welcome back... Hope you are back on Flickr... So true that we get attached... or rather hooked on to things and cant let go!!

Cant wait to see all your pics..

charu said...

Yea! will be good to see you back in action :) - and oh yes, I get withdrawal symptoms if I had to go without email / flickr / blogs and a few other "things"

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

My prayers worked out well.It was a sweet surprise for me that flickr is still accessible.Once i reach delhi,i will be in full form blogging and flickr.u enjoy there.

Shalini said...

Patricia, Lol, and this is an attachment to something that is not even real and touchable!

Charu, Yes, I get withdrawl symptoms too...but I need to get away for a few weeks every year, without all of phone, no email, no computer!

Lakshmi, A nice surprise for me too!

IndianSun said...

Hi Shalini!

Just got the link of your blog from your Flickr stream!

I'll have some more comments on the mussoorie trip ;)

Oh btw this is Saurav, the "mussoorie" guy! :) I fall in love all over again whenever I see her.


Shalini said...

saurav, welcome to my blog! Looking forward to your insight on Mussoorie! It was way better than Mashobra, by the way!

Chitra said...

I am glad you have access to flickr, more so coz you were all set to come back to no flickr. :)

Looking fwd to seeing the picsfrom your visit to the mountains. :)

Though an online forum like flickr isnt something that we can touch - it is a forum comprising of ppl, all of whom we may only know online, but still the forum isnt as virtual as it may seem. :)

Shalini said...

Chitra,'ve described it so well. Yes, it's thanks to the people that one has formed bonds with that makes it so hard to let go and makes it more than just something virtual.

I've been trying to upload my pics from the trip onto blogger for a while...for some reason it's really slow today.

Katja said...

Isn't it such a big part of your day - I know it is for me. Maybe too big, I could spend so much time on flickr, so that's why when I took a little break from my blog I didn't visit flickr often either, it was a good start for what I hope is a little less time on the computer for me. Ofcourse I'll still be online but I realized how much I get done when I'm not online so much :) But I wouldn't want to quit flickr and I'm so happy that you didn't have to quit either :)