Wednesday, June 03, 2009

an idea for a patio table

I was browsing through some decor sites the other day and found some really great ideas for patios. While most people use them in the summer, we get to use our outside area in the winter, but having the right sort of furniture and accessories, can make an area a retreat no matter what time of the year it is, right? I am especially keen on getting some kind of a glass tile table, that will weather the sunny days and cold nights of the desert, something that I don't have to worry about moving about too much either, and obviously something too heavy for someone to pick up and take away!


Patricia Torres said...

So true.. about going outdoors in the winter.. Isnt that funny!!! Anyway.. love the glass table idea..

Arya Kamath said...

Hello Shalini. I gave you an award (Kreativ Blogger) on my website today:-)). Do come over and take a look.

Shalini said...

Patricia, Lol exactly! Just like getting cold water from the hot water taps in summer!

Arya, thanks so much...sorry for not responding earlier...I've been away on vacation.

magiceye said...

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