Thursday, May 14, 2009

vacation movie watching

When on vacation, I usually like to catch up with movies and TV watching, but this time with the IPL going on, there hasn't been much time for that. We've been thinking of getting a new tv mount of some kind to change the angle, but haven't got around to that as yet. This time around, with the standoff between movie producers and the multiplexes, there are no new releases, so the emphasis has just been on old classics at home, whenever the IPL match is on only at night. Last week, we watched Casablanca, Cleopatra and Sound of Music. On the list are Ben Hur, Gone with the Wind, The Ten Commandments and some of the old Shakespearean plays.


shilpa said...

I catch up on all the good malayalam (my mother tongue)movies on vaction... there are days when we order special handi biriyanis from a nearby hotel and watch a movie.

I keep showing "the sound of music" to my daughetr every year, this year she took a liking to the songs :)

Shalini said...

Movies and biryani sounds like a great combo!

I saw Sound of Music last month....that's a movie one can't get tired of watching!