Thursday, May 21, 2009

search for anything at all

When it comes to the Internet, everything seems possible, whether it is finding the right kind of binoculars to take on that birding trip or pressure washers for your boss. Interestingly, each search makes one as curious about the next. I'm a huge believer in books and their longevity, but when it comes to searching for words and spellings, I automatically go to the Internet to search and bypass the physical dictionary and thesaurus. So, while it's good for many things, it has also led to such a different way of life and turned the emphasis on searching.


Patricia Torres said...

Oh how true.. I google everything... and anything... Its a bit strange.. and I beleive it will make the next generation a little lazy as well.. What would we do without google!!

Shalini said...

Lol, I google or wikipedia everything too!

~mE said...

lol one of my friend had written in his blog or twitter i dont remember but it goes like this

Life is like browsing being with a good knowledge of what you want and u search, that leads to another seach and that leads to another interesting search...finally you dont remember what you were where u are and where u wanted to go :D

lol and totally random my word verification is disco

Shails said...

They have changed the way we live dont we.Cant imagine life without google,mapquest or the Wiki.
Another real nice site is have a pretty neat app called answertip that you can download and then see the meaning, spelling/definition etc of anything in any app - notebood, word, name it.It is my newest treat

Shalini said...

S, lol but so very's so easy to go from one search to another without even realizing it. Yay, a real word finally :-)

Shails, yes, they have really changed the way we live.....will check out the answertip application. Thanks!

Sanghamitra Nath said...

Hello Shalini,

I agree. I also do Google search for almost everything...followed by Amazon search [for books and movies]. Life becomes a lot easier this way and true, one search leads to another and we land up in some unknown territory at the end, sometimes ! I also do g.blogger search a lot.