Friday, May 01, 2009

Patterns in architecture

A decorative piece above a doorway in Bastakiya in Dubai

Since moving to Dubai in summer of 2007, I have really started noticing and enjoying patterns in architecture. I've always liked a very streamlined and Scandinavian kind of decor but with lots of warmth....modern country, I believe it was called when I took one of the online quizzes.

Pattern is everywhere in the Dubai....on buildings, on signboards, in the pattern of the flower beds, above doors and windows, on gates and lots of other places as well. What is so interesting to note here, is how traditional patterns are used on modern buildings, creating such an interesting combination, completely beautiful and memorable.

Close up of a jaali at the masjid in Bastakiya arts quarter in Dubai

View of the Burj Dubai, whose curved exterior is inspired by the Arabic script, from Souk Al Bahar, a shopping complex made on the lines of an old souk.

A tiny courtyard in Bastakiya. The sunlight creates interesting patterns and shadows.

A decorative piece above a two pieces are the same...the variety is astounding.


Anonymous said...

astounding indeed !

Patricia Torres said...

Very nice pictures of the Bastakiya area!!! When are you back?? Are you missing Dubai??

Shalini said...

hw, as always first to comment ;-)

Patricia, thanks...we went there several times in Jan, Feb and March, when the weather was so great!

I'm back later on this, not missing Dxb, but missing my hubby who is there....and remembering hitchwriter's ode ( to his wife! Wonder if I can telepathically will my hubby to write something like that for me too!

Katja said...

I love those decorative details, so beautiful.

pink dogwood said...

Great pictures. I especially like the last picture with the lantern hanging.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Very lovely images of old world feel.Lovely patterns.Impressed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Shalini!

Shalini said...

Thanks Katja!

Pink Dogwood...I love that one too...but wished I taken it from a better angle ;-)

Lakshmi, thanks so much. In the midst of so much modernity, it's nice to see these old touches.

Aditi, thanks!

Anonymous said...

aah.... some tributes here !!!

whats his cell number... i ll text him and get it done.. our husbands union is quite tightly knit u c....

and now that i m back in town.. i hope to be the first to comment everywhere !!! ;)

and btw instead of expecting something from hubby... it would be really great if you write something for him !!!!

watsay ?

Shalini said...

Lol HW!
I don't think you can ever expect to see any posts like that out here....I'm too private a person for that....but he did send me a very sweet email! Plus, it's boring for a wife to write a poem missing her hubby, that's his job, part of the oath he undertook while walking around the fire etc.

And no, he never, ever reads my blog...unless I prod him to, so he won't get ideas from here :-)

Anonymous said...

wow... its boring for a wife to do it... !!!! geez.... unfair.... its not about interesting.. its about making him feel special ! being missed ! which i think he is...

no no... if ur a private person, mail it to him... dont post it here !!

wonder why our spouses dont read our stuff... huh ??

Shalini said...

What a can of worms I opened :-)

It's just more romantic the other way around I feel. Women already show their affection in so many ways, so their husbands know how they feel about them.

Already, recieved, already mailed back, already received again :-)

One of the mysteries of the universe, I suppose!

JD said...

Hi, I like the third and the fifth pic, although I think it would have been great if the whole window was captured too.. That lantern on the wall is awesome..

Anonymous said...

Nice Picts, Lovely Patterns. I too love to see the patterns formed in the different architectural designs.

So how are you enjoying your stay in India? Where exactly you are in India?

N'joy your Vacation.

bindu said...

The lattices make the wall look like lace. Very pretty. We have this in India too.

Shalini said...

JD, thanks....I keep going back to these places, so will end up taking more shots!

Kanchan, thanks! Am currently in Delhi...and enjoying my vacation.

Bindu, thanks....yes, the similarities are so interesting!

Rajesh said...

What a variety. Beautiful, I liked the jalli design.