Monday, April 13, 2009

It's raining again!

-----------------on our front steps, fallen blooms of bougainvillea---------------

It's raining again!

I woke up at 530am to the sound of thunder and big fat drops of rain on the window. What a great way to wake up! It seemed to have petered off by 6am and so I decided to go for a walk, and lo and behold when I step out it's still drizzling! I went back to get my umbrella, which usually gets taken out only to combat the sun, and set out for a walk. I hadn't gone for a walk in the rain for ages and it was such a nice experience that brought back memories of college days, of driving my cute moped in the rain, bunking classes and sitting with a cup of coffee under a tree, with some intrepid thela-wala!

------------------------------------------stormy skies-------------------------------------

This morning it was so gusty that a couple of spokes in my umbrella broke by the time I got back home! Now I sit here in my living room, listening to the musical noise of the rain as it comes and goes and see it glisten on the trees outside. I'm listening to country music, which along with jazz is my perfect rainy day music. I think it's to do with the music we listened to at the orchard during summer vacations. Rain was a big deal for me then and it still remains to this date.

----------on my walk, holding on to the umbrella, holding on to the camera---------

Hope you enjoyed walking through the rain with me :-)


Anonymous said...

sure I did....


Rains are my favourite season... and will always remain... so much life springs up....

its 43degrees celcius here... and your talking about rain... lol... i would give nething to get it !

Shalini said...

Lol, I think I jinxed it, as it's bright sunshine now!

I'll be in Delhi tomorrow and it's much hotter than it is here in enjoying it while it lasts!

Kits said...

Shalini, your walk sounded delightful to me. I wish this horrible heat in Mumbai would go away...sigh am sure will crib when rains in B'bay start too :D

PS: Delhi is 24ยบ fyi :D

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Oh Rains!
Wonderful Shalini,Enjoy.
I am in love with rains,absolutely true.I still remember getting wet all throughout and getting scoldings from Amma when small.With my posts,in my blog u might have already understood that,isnt it?
Now Delhi is boilng,even if it had incessant rains in the past two weeks.
do u want to know the word verification it is "liquated"

Shalini said...

Lol K, the grass is always greener on the other side, right! I'm packing woollies to take to Himachal and both of you are talking of sweltering heat!

I loved the rains in Bombay because I could enjoy them from inside my 3rd floor apt, seeing people negotiating puddles, the parrots flying about and kids determined to jump into the dirtiest and deepest of waters. I remember 26th July 2005 so well too!

Thanks for the temp...the newspapers and TV here always, always skew it in favor of it's always hotter somewhere else :-)

Lakshmi, I know how you love the rain and how you love to take photos while you walk too!

Oh dear...I'm not going to enjoy being "liquated" (what a perfectly timed word verification, for once! I'm arriving at night, so hopefully that will be better.

Patricia Torres said...

oh Shalini... what an amazing post!!! Nice walk you had!! I stopped going for walks about three months ago... just too lazy... and winter morning... were good for sleeping!!

Anyway... I was so pleased to see the rains at 05.30 this morning... I stood in the balcony with my cup of coffee... and just enjoyed myself... Coffee lasted for an hour today... thanks to the rains!!!

Have a great holiday...

~mE said...

I so miss rains...last year when it was raining in bangalore i was in the most hottest part of india chennai. It never rains its almost like ive never seen rains for a year..:( Now im rain sick...:(

I am with you..moped and rain :)

Shalini said...

Patricia, nice to share the rain with you! I've not been too regular either about my walks, yes winter mornings are so wonderful in bed!

S, love your sweet "rain sick" expression! Yes, I was like that too....the next rains here will be in December or January it's a long way to go.

haha, just the word moped is so cute in itself!

Sharanya said...

True, i graduated from a moped to a kinetic honda and when it rains i almost swam with my kinetic honda to get home. It used to be fun. When everone saving themselves from rain...i used to ride freely getting drenched :)
Miss all that now

Anonymous said...

Delhi ? it must be sweltering.. !! you on a vacation ??

yippee me going on a vaction too in 2 days !!

Shalini said...

S, yes....having fun in the rain is the one part of college that I really remember with joy!

HW, yup leaving in a couple of hours....vacation will hopefully be to the hills of Himachal, but Delhi is family.

Great...where are you off to?

pink dogwood said...

enjoyed the walk with you

Gunjan said...

Lovely post!! reminded me of all the fun i used to have on such walks/drives on my scooty in the rain!! Been a while since ive done that!!

bindu said...

The overcast sky looks so pretty. Rain is a time for contemplation.

Rose said...

I loved the blooms on the steps, it's amazing how the simplest things are so beautiful!
I'm a country fan too, George Strait, the rain and a cup of coffee - bliss!

Shalini said...

pink dogwood, thanks!

gunjan, lol, those were fun days! For me too it's been's nice to let go and be a kid again, every once in a while!

bindu, so true....along with introspection and nostalgia.

Rose, thanks....yes, such a perfect day for me too!