Saturday, April 11, 2009

The end of the road for me on flickr

I'm really sad about it, but that's it I'm afraid. Living in the country that I am, means that sites like Flickr are not permitted, even though one of the two internet service providers was allowing it so far. I've immensely enjoyed using Flickr as a photo sharing site, and have enjoyed even more meeting a wonderful set of friends whose photos I love to see just as much as I love to post my own photos. I really cannot imagine how I will fill the gap, but I really cannot do anything about it.

Since I will not be in this country for the next month, I will be able to freely use the site and I suppose I will really relish it more than you can imagine. The past year has been an amazing experience and my flickr friends have helped me through so much, mostly without them even knowing what was going on in my life. It's been a great way to get away from the issues I have been facing and a great stress relief.

I have come to identify each of my close flickr friends and whenever I see a cup of steaming tea I will think of Archana and Nahal and how effortlessly they are able to create such drama with even the simplest of things, even a simple cup of tea. Ah, but you see, it's so much more than just a "simple" cup of tea for them and my love for tea is definitely owed to both of them. How can I see beautiful ceramic pottery without thinking of Madge, and how I am going to miss Sandy's posts of darling June as she grows. I will miss Chitra and Ashwin's fantastic skill with the camera, at finding magic in just a leaf and a cobweb and in beautiful loving hands so gloriously showcased to an ever-growing fan club.

I will miss my new flickr friend Lakshmi's view of the world, they way she makes even a single flower or a shadow on a cushion into art. I will miss sellinstix fantastic views of Alberqurque, where we find so many similarities to buildings right here. I will miss seeing the spring through Rosy's eyes, as the St Lawrence thaws. I will miss Kay and her amazing vintage finds and Amy's inspiring creativity.

I will miss Anoop's stunning panoramic shots of Kochi and Goa and his witty comments. I will miss KittyKaht's vibrant views of Bombay, Mayuri's quick wit, Shuma's view of London, Shilpa's adorable curly haired daughter, shilpa (silpam's) way with light and shadow, click-n-joy's awesome sunsets and Panache's creativity. I will miss Katja's quietly elegant photos and Leslie's stunning views of the sky and trees that I love so much.

I will miss MsGooner's special brand of silvery bokeh, Leelawadee's heartfelt photos of flowers and the temples of Chiang Mai, Wandering Hermit's stunning shots of snow peaked mountains, rajat's photos of my favorite place in the whole wide world, the beautiful hills of Himachal and so many more.

I suppose now I will focus a bit more on blogging and will catch up with the photos of all those who also have blogs and post photos on their blogs, but I will certainly miss the feeling of home that I had among these and so many more of my friends on this wonderful platform. Thanks to the constant encouragement from all of them, I have progressed to this extent, which is really obvious if you to to my oldest uploaded photos.....actually don't go there, they're really not very good.

I will miss all of these and so many of my other friends whose photos I see on a daily basis, whose comments I get on a daily basis and whose support I will always cherish. Hopefully I will be able to come back one day....who knows when!

Interestingly, I can still see comments on my photos there as I had subscribed to the comment feed via Bloglines! Oh how complex is our Internet world of today, but I do love how it offers so many interesting solutions as well. I could probably try to upload via Big Huge Labs, but it's not just the posting of photos, it's the interaction that's so important.


Kala Pohl Studio said...

Shalini, I am so sorry about Flickr. I love reading your blog and hopefully will get to see more of your wonderful photos on it:):)

Arch at Rang said...

Oh my God Shalini.

That is flickr?

What a lovely post Shalini:-) Thank you for those kind words.

No problem will try and post a duplicate on my blogs:-)

Take care

Shalini said...

Kala, yes I suppose I'll be posting more on my blog now! For the next month and a half I'll be away in India, so that will be my last hurrah on flickr, I suppose!

Arch, Yes I know, so sad. I've been teary and sad all day. I'm really going to miss all of you, but hope to make the most of my time in India to enjoy it while I can!

Who knows by the time I come back here to this place (that I'm liking less and less), it might be back. Keeping my fingers crossed :-)

Anonymous said...

That is really sad shalini, I agree flickr have opened new doors for us all....

I simply loved your conveys your love for the blog world and your blogger/flickr friends.

Don't worry we all shall keep you updated about the flickr updates :)

Take Care

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Oh my God Shalini.No flickr?
A very lovely post.
Thanks for giving me a special mention,as always your dear friend.Dont worry,will blog and be in touch and will interact through it.But I know nothing like flickr.Give me your mail address so that i can mail you.Almost at tears here.
Please do take care

Patricia Torres said...

Oh.. Shalini.. I've been extremely upset as well. And to think that I was only on flickr for a month or so.. I feel as though a part of my daily life disappered!!

Anyway.. dont worry too much.. I'm sure there will be some solution to it!! Hope you feel better soon!

Sharanya said... flickr..the company i worked in blocked flickr for a few days and i was contemplating quitting :)


how about starting a photo blog ? And we can always visit you here

Shalini said...

Kanchan, thanks so much! I started blogging in 2004 and flickring in 2008, but the interaction that I found on flickr was simply amazing and was much more rewarding than blogging. I suppose it's time to concentrate on other things for the time being!

Lakshmi, Yes, so shocking! I am looking forward to being in India for the next month, so I can flickr away to my heart's content! I know you post lots of photos on your blog, and I'm glad for that. I'll leave my email in a comment on your you can see it and reject the comment afterwards :-)

Patricia, I've been thinking of you too! I do think that some "solution" will be found, as this has happened several can see the time line of the comments on the link I sent you about flickr.

You've put it so perfectly....that a part of your daily life has true for me too!

Sharanya, Lol that really would be a flickr addictions :-)

I don't think I'll start another blog....will probably just post more on this one!

But, I'm hopeful that something will work out soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Kits said...

Oh my god more seeing ganobristol on Flickr! Heartbreak only this is going to be. Thanks so much for the mention in the post. Totally touched my heart.

U work such magic with light n shadows and the thought of not seeing your fotos is quite sad.

Please be posting here. I am going to add you to my blogroll for sure.

Big hug and I await fotos from India :)

Charu said...

hey, this is sad... but do focus on the blog - and keep uploading your pics here!

JD said...

I haven't been on flickr, tho have heard its good.. Infact i am new to the blogging world :-)
It's sad you won't be able to interact thru flickr, isn't there any other site thru which u can share pics?
ur pics are marvellous..

Shalini said...

Thanks so much Miss K! I'm so looking forward to spending some time on flickr while I'm in India....we're leaving tomorrow...Yippeee!

The thing with flickr has been that it's become more than just a place to post photos and I identify all of you through your photos! I play the identify your flickr friend game on big huge labs every once in a while, and I'm pretty good at it :-)

Charu, yes very sad indeed! I'll will be posting more here, but so far, flickr always has been getting my best photos and first too :-)

JD, Flickr is a great platform to share photos and if you find the right set of contacts, then it's even better. There are plenty of other sites to share photos, but I liked the interaction on flickr, which made is so much more rewarding.

Paavani said...

thats sad! Btw whats the reason, why they blocked and few can still access?

But its a nice way to miss your flickr friends :)

Sangeetha said...

Hi Sahlini,

I am one of those who admire ur work.Will really miss ur pics.....but will surely look forward to pics on ur blog.

I live in Muscat n i dread over the fact that flicker will be banned here.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Shalini...
I am so sorry about Flickr. and thanks for giving me a special mention.
I'm really going to miss you!!
Please be posting here. I am going to visite your this blog..!!

Take Care,

Quicksilver! said...

Hi Shalini,

That's bad news really!I'm so disappointed!
I would suggest you get active on facebook, if the country hasn't blocked that site too, that is. You can upload all the pics you want to and we can interact with you via them as we do on flickr:)
Think about it.
Have a super fun holiday!Will look forward to the pics:)


ashwinds said...

Thats terrible ... will track your blog hereon. Hope you are back soon ... things could change for the better - they often do :)

I am not sure if it will work, but my flickr posts are mirrored here. I doubt if it will work for you though.

Thanks for your encouragement - will miss you Shalini.


Katja said...

I'm so sorry about your Flickr situation! I'll miss your photos. But thankfully you have your blog so we can visit you here! :)

This post was really beautiful, and I am very touched that you mentioned me as well, and such kind words. Today I have been thinking how important all my internet friendships are to me so this post was very fitting.

I'll be back soon looking for new pictures! :)

shuma.rani said...

Hi Shalini,

I'm so sorry that I will not be able to see your delightful photos on a regular basis. But, I do agree - you should set up a blog specifically for your photos - i'll be a regular visitor :-)

Thank you for your kind words.

Take care


Rosy said...

Oh, Shalini, my flickr experience won't be the same without you!

What a lovely, yet sad and poignant post. Thank you for your sweet mention.

That's it. I will follow your blog (and start up mine by the time you are back.) We must stay in touch and never stop shooting, dear friend!

xx Rosy

Leslie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this news! I don't understand all the politics involved but I'm glad you'll still be allowed to blog. I hope you'll be back on flickr at some point in the future! We will miss your beautiful photos full of shadows and light :-)

Shalini said...

Paavani, Flickr was available on one of the two ISP's in the UAE, which was also blocked recently. I was with the ISP that had blocked it already, but using a flickr bypass, which most of the Dubai flickette's that bypass has also been blocked.

Lots of people still have access to it if you work for a foreign company in a Free Zone. It's blocked as some material is objectionable.

Sangeetha, thanks so much. I hope some solution will be found, else I will be blogging more I suppose. I hope your access stays fine!

MsGooner, thanks! I'll be posting on flickr on and off while I'm here in India on vacation at least!

M, thanks....have a facebook account, but really don;t like the system there and never use it.

Thanks Ashwin, I too hope that it will work again, but yes who knows! I'll end up posting more here, I suppose!

Katja, thanks...yes flickr friendships are quite unique in the online world. I love your blog, so will be visiting to see your decorating choices!

Shuma, thanks....will really think about it, don't want to start something and have to abandon it.

Rosy, thanks so much for the encouragement. Look forward to seeing your blog!

Leslie, I've got my fingers crossed and hope it be sorted out, but till then I've got my blog....and flickr while I'm on vacation in India!

Sandy said...

Oh, Shalini!

Hopefully, there will be some way to stay on Flickr!
You have always been such a bright spot in my day - your calm and serene pictures always soooth me.
Your wonderful travel pictures have broadened my world. I will definitely be following your blog now!

Thank you, sweet friend, for the mention of me and June - that was so kind of you!

Shalini said...

Yes, I certainly hope so Sandy, that something solution will be found by the time I get back. I missed seeing all your photos these past few days, glad I could catch up...and sure enough I'd missed a shot of little June....loved your last compilation of her.

Anonymous said...

great work

you can see my photo art on:

Chitra said...

Lovely image Shalini. Nice post too. :) Thanks for your appreciation.

I hope you return to find that you can access flickr just like before. Things could change in a month's time. :) If not, I will miss you and your pics. You have always seemed a warm person, Shalini. And your pics reflect you. :)

I will come by your blog more. I dont get the time to blog hop, but I will stop by here.

I have been terribly busy and am getting around to seeing your post only now.

Take care. Have a fun vacation.

Meenakshi (HopenSmiles) said...

I just read your post and am so sorry! Don't worry, I follow you here too. Your posts are ever so refreshing and if I don't see them I'll have some serious withdrawal symptoms!
Have fun while you are in India!

Shalini said...

Chitra, Thanks so much....hoping for the same to happen!

Meenakshi, thanks....enjoying my vacation....and flickr too these days!

Leelawadee. said...

Hello Shalini,
I'm (again) the last to comment but hope it's not too late. It's sad to hear about this but thinking about the bright side, we can still keep in touch via your blog. I've my blog too but I didn't have time to write or post since 2008 but you can have it , in case. I will give you the address ok?

I can imagine if it would be strict in the country you live, my friend who lives in Q8 had that problem before but even worse since his personal blog really have something that the people there thought it offended them so he had to use password for his blog, which means all the friends needed to access with password (really difficult).

But don't worry, I can try to set something up soon for the photos I posted on my Flickr, so we can always keep in touch then! I hope it will help..I think I would probably have more time the coming months or so....

Take care,
Leelawadee (Aor)

Shalini said...

Thanks you so much for your kind word Aor!