Sunday, March 22, 2009

writing for the job

As a freelance writer one is often not in the position to complain about the kind of writing one has to do, either you happily or unhappily do it or they will very happily find someone else to do it :-)I try to take it in the right spirit and spend time researching and writing every little assignment that comes my way, whether it is for a Mesothelioma lawyer, car seats or London hotels. It's part of the job and if you want to do good, then you have to build a variety of writing. A lot of web-content writing is very varied and it can sometimes be a bit lopsided going from writing about hotels in Chelsea to ways to get financial aid for US universities. I still love it!


Sharanya said...

oh i admire that skill. i cant write a few lines if i am not aware/like the topic :)

Shalini said...

It took me a while too, since I found it hard to be objective. Everything was influenced by what I like or don't like and one has to avoid that.

Lakshmi -Celebrations of Life said...

Love creative writing.I write for journals.Lovely job.