Monday, March 02, 2009

Blogger Reactions

Read about a relatively new tool that Blogger has introduced called Reaction, where you can add a little poll at the end of a post to get quick reactions from readers, especially those who are not necessarily interested in commenting. This is especially true with all the comment moderation, word verifications stuff that I wrote about in my previous post. You can change the number of options as well as what they read....such as "good", "bad" and "ugly" for one post to "i like" and "i don't like" for another post. Well, that's how I perceive it to be, so let's see how it goes. Read up more about Blogger Reactions on their blog.

Update: First of all, it really doesn't work unless you add a bit of code in the HTML after the post footer this post on Blogger Buster for the how-to and second of all, I certainly don't want the same options on all of my posts. I want to be able to change the question on a post-by-post basis or not have it at all for some posts.

Sorry blogger, I'll pass on this one.


अविनाश said...

i guess this feature is avlbl wid all templates on blogspot, it mite be that for external templates the HTML codes needs alteration..r u into softwares?

Shalini said...

The feature is available on all blogspot blogs that use the Layout template as opposed to the older Classic template.

Ha, ha, I'm not into software at all...just a few of these fun things to add to blogs and play around with, that's all!