Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A different option for vacations

Everyone needs to take a vacation every now and again, but with the economy worsening, one of the first things to be cut are unfortunately vacations. Don't despair, it still is possible to take vacations, but one just has to do it slightly differently. In fact, a lot of people much prefer this method of vacation, since it is much more personal and friendly. Vacations by Owner and vacation rentals is the way to do it, as this way you deal directly with other home owners who are offering their home for a vacation. With vacation rentals, there is no middleman to pay, no commission, no fuss, just plain fun, that's all.

Say you're looking to visit Disney World in the spring, check out the section on Orlando vacation rentals and you'll be able to find a great place to stay and save lots of money as well. There are lots of other options in Florida vacation rentals if you'd rather focus on fishing or golfing. The options are quite varied and the great thing about this is they are ideal for family vacations, so if you're traveling with kids, this is really the best way to go about it.

Destinations are listed by state, making it easy to search to find a destination that you're looking for. The Exchange Club is another great section, where you can find people to swap homes for vacation with. The layout and navigation of the site, makes it extremely easy to find one's way around, and it's not cluttered with too many ads, as a lot of other sites are these days. If you're an international traveler, there's also a listing of worldwide destinations.

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