Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How we usually select our financial services

A lot of my assignments have been on the banking industry lately, and so I've been doing a lot of reading and researching on different kinds of bank accounts, interest rates, how to go about getting a balance transfer credit card, the advantages of transferring your balance to another credit card and so on. Every adult has a bank account, or at least should have one, but I serious think that no one really does any kind of research before opening an account. The location of the bank seems to be the number one priority, along with free and available parking. The actual banking services don't even get discussed, and if they do it's only about the basics, which is really sad, since they doing them selves a disservice. Do take time out to understand what your bank account is about and what the fine print is in the credit card statement. It'll pay off, I promise.

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