Sunday, July 13, 2008

We all need a sense of community

I've found that I love taking photographs in my neighborhood. It wasn't until I started going for my early morning walks that I realized how peaceful it was to wander and connect with the area one lives in. At one time, we all had a great sense of community, but with time, this feeling has got lessened to the point that a lot of times, we really don't know anything about our neighborhoods, and the people who live there. It's quite sad really, but that is really the way the majority of us who live in modern cities have become. In all the places that we have lived, we came to know only our immediate neighbors and that too only quite superficially. This time around I am making a bit more effort to get to know them and establish a sense of community in out own little area.

Here's a photo I took some time back of a street nearby.

got to love this branch

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