Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Travel inspiration

I found a pretty cool travel site today. It's called TripTie and its actually a travel planning website where you can check out other people's travel plans and use them for your own trip, add your own info to their trips, such as updating a restaurant closure or recommending a particular dish and so on. I've not signed up or used the system as yet, but I've certainly enjoyed browsing through some of the listed trips. They are a great source of travel ideas and inspiration. Besides information on the itinerary, there are also details about the cost, hotels, restaurants and much more. It seems like a great site to get ideas on where to go, although so far I saw mostly trips in the US with a few in Europe, Japan and China. I would love to find more information on European trips, especially to off the track spots that normally don't feature in the magazines and travel guides.

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