Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Moving lessons

Moving is not an easy business. For a while, it definitely can be a lot of fun, but it can really wear you out, if you don't have the right sort of help, including having a mover NYC company to help you organize and sort things out. With the way they organize things, it becomes quite simple to handle the rest of the things oneself. In all our moves, we have had help with the packing and moving and that has really been a huge help. In our last move, we decided to sell most of our things and shipped only a small amount of household goods. Looking back, I feel that we should have utilized the packing services and sent it all here instead of selling it. Oh well, one lives and learns, I guess!

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EE said...

I am moving to NY in a few months and it is very important that I find a reliable accountable moving company for the job.
Thanks for the tip!