Monday, May 19, 2008

Reading material

Been trying to keep up the reading schedule that I was on in March, especially since I know I can never give up or slow down buying books, so might as well make a greater effort to enjoying them! I picked up a few books during the shopping festival from Books Plus, which is a pretty good store and since it is a smaller store, it is easier to find books, especially new fiction. At Borders, one just gets lost trying to find a decent book.

I picked the top book in the pic, Fatima's Good Fortune on a whim, mostly because I liked the cover, so I didn't really have many expectations from it. I was completely wrong in my judgment as the book was beautiful, with great insight into the heart and mind of the protagonist, delving into relationships, kindnesses, and a joy of living. All in all, it's a great feel good read, that makes you think of how you can live a better life as well.

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