Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home exchanging catching on

Home exchange programs are really picking up lately, and coming into the mainstream. This is a system of exchanging homes with other people so that you don't need to stay in a hotel when you travel. This is actually just the tip of the iceberg, as the home exchange system offers a whole lot more. Usually one exchanges homes directly, as in the person I give my home to, exchanges their home for my vacation, but it can also work in more complex ways.

How one usually goes about it is that one signs up with a home exchange company by paying an annual fee and gets into the database of those interested in exchanging their homes for vacations. A lot of people will also offer their cars to be exchanged while of vacation as well, making car rental obsolete as well. From the kind of reviews I have read, I have been most impressed, but I have not got around to becoming a member at any of these organizations as yet. Some of the popular sites include Jewett Street, Exchange Homes, Home Exchange, Home Link, Home for Exchange, Home Base Holidays, ahago, Home Exchange, Holswap, and Digsville. I personally prefer browsing through Jewett Street's listings, as they seem to be the most interesting and most viable.

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