Monday, May 05, 2008

A dream driving vacation in France

There is something about driving holidays that I find so charming. I've been on several of them, but none would be as grand as going on a driving holiday in France. I can already imagine a trip where I would travel to Marseilles, Toulouse, Bordeaux and of course no trip to France is complete with a stay in one of the finest of Paris hotels. The highway system in France is very well developed and there is a good network of toll roads. When traveling on these, make sure you save your ticket as it is required when you exit the toll road.

I personally want to stay at one of Marseilles hotels, one that I read about ages ago in a book, but has remained with me to this day. A good trip would be to mix the driving between the highways and the narrow single lane back roads, that will really give the true feel of the countryside and access to the smaller and more picturesque towns dotting the country. If you're looking to stay at Toulouse hotels, then look no further. Vacation and wine go together so well, don't you think? The wine country is a beautiful area to drive in, and one of these Bordeaux hotels would make the trip even better.

Since many of the old towns were built before cars were available, roads here are not always suitable for larger cars, so keep in mind when renting a larger car. Alternatively, park your car outside and use public transport. Do remember that France drives on the right side of the road.

The great thing about traveling in France is the you can always be sure to find a great place to stay in France, whether locally or through an Internet booking agent such as Hotelsenfrancais, which has a very comprehensive listing of hotels of all price ranges, locations and last minute availability.

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