Thursday, April 17, 2008

Travel inspiration

If you're planning to travel in the near future, then you've got to check out some of these sites. I am an avid surfer of travel sites and love to read travel articles, so that when we plan a trip, I already have lots of ideas of place to go to, things to see, hotels to stay in and so on. I usually spend a couple of hours each week reading up on travel blogs as well, in my feeds and trying to discover new ones, so that I can get a "real" view of a place rather than a doctored or marketed view.

The Travel Channel is of course one of the best places to search for travel inspiration and there is a huge resource of articles and photographs on almost every part of the world. I especially love their interesting topics such as the trend of cell phones killing asking the cabbies about a place, traveling with little children and so on. Another good site that I found today is called Cheaponair, and it covers all aspects of a vacation from hotel, car and airline bookings to entire vacations, tours, luxury packages and so on. The destination guide section is a pretty good place to head to for inspiration on new and exotic places.

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