Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the right kind of barbecue accessory

Ever since we moved into this apartment, I've been wanting to by some patio furniture, since we have a wonderful little patio right outside, in the shade of a couple of mango trees. It's not a completely private patio, but that's all right with us, since there are very few residents in the complex and everyone is pretty friendly. We got a Barbecue last year and have used it several times, but without having any specific furniture and arrangement, it always ends up being very casual and make-shift. I would like to get some furniture that can take the strong sunshine and hot winds, but will look good enough with just the addition of some cushions. Maintaining patio furniture can be a lot of work, if you don't buy the right the sense that it must be right for the kind of climate that you live in, and the climate here is tough on things outside, so we need to maybe spend a bit more initially but get something that will look good and be easy to maintain.

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