Saturday, April 19, 2008

on blogging

I've had this blog since August of 2004, when I lived in Bangalore. I started it out of curiosity about what a blog was about, and soon became fascinated at being able to share my thoughts and feelings with the world at large at just the press of a button. Initially, I used to write about my personal experiences at traveling, places we had lived in, cities that I would love to live in, books I was reading and so on, but it grew to cover topics such as personal finance, retail (which is my profession), real estate and so on. I have got the focus back to mostly travel and living, trends and marketing, in the past year or so and it seems to work better now. In the meantime, I have started several other blogs so that I can write about specific topics on each one, rather than a general mish-mash on one, and this has worked out for the better too, except that I am not able to post as often as I used to ;-(

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