Monday, April 14, 2008

more than just a picture

A photograph that I too last month. This photo is so much more than just a picture of a monument, it is full of memories for me, going way back to when I was in kindergarten and slightly later, of playing in this park with my friends during the school lunch break, of seeing this city grow and expand as I grew up and so many more memories. There are lots of recent memories as well, from just a few years back and from my visit last month as well. As places go, this is fast becoming one of my favorite and most visited spots in the city.

of blocks and squares


shuma.rani said...

I can certainly relate to this post. When my family and I would visit my aunt in Betul where my uncle was stationed, we (the kids) would play in a similar park and watch movies on a huge screen. I sometimes miss the old innocent days of playing, laughing and dreaming.

Shalini said...

I do too, Shuma I miss the old days too. But I'm so glad for all the wonderful memories I have of those times and love to revisit and refresh them.