Friday, April 04, 2008

Marketers dream consumers

The beauty business is booming everywhere around the world. With a greater number of women working now, there has been a much larger demand for all kinds of beauty treatments especially such as those for acne treatment and skin lightening treatments, and all procedures that give a woman a greater chance of promotion. More than anything else the marketers of these products are selling not just an acne treatment product but a chance to live a different life.

The advertisements for these products are never simple and straightforward ones but show a woman or girl who is failing at something just because she is not fair enough or good looking enough or has bad skin, and this is the product which will not only removed the physical problem but also take you into a whole new world of beauty and success. As a marketer, it is certainly a great strategy, but for a lot of consumers, it's hard to read between the lines at what they are doing and buy into the whole concept.

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