Wednesday, April 30, 2008

going pro

Time to celebrate!

I got myself a pro account on Flickr! I've been using Flickr regularly since mid January this year and was close to running out of space on my free account. I'm sure the investment will be totally worth it. I opened my account on Flickr a couple of years back in Feb 2006, but never used it at all, so it was just lying there, unused, wasted. Such a shame, right? I thought so too!

Thanks to taking photos and especially due to uploading them to Flickr, I have been able to start thinking about what makes a good picture, about what kind of photographs I am good at, and how I can challenge myself. I rarely take pictures with people in them or in public places, but take lots on my walks, in my neighbourhood, in my home and so on. So while my photo's are not photography per se, they are the story of my days, a pictorial telling of sorts.

I've got a pro account!


Anonymous said...

congrats good job

Shalini said...

thanks so much!

puglyfeet said...

Your pics are beautiful.

Shalini said...

Thanks....I love yours actually...really super perspective and sense of humor to go along with them!