Friday, April 25, 2008

An escape to Devon

My parents have been making plans for the summer vacation and this year, they had a variety of options ranging from a Danube cruise, a month in London, a few weeks in Devon as well as exploring other areas of the English countryside, a trip to the US (for a wedding) ans so on. What they have finally selected was none of these, but when they asked me for my opinion on it, I was sure about my choice. It would definitely have to be spending time in Devon and exploring other areas such as Cornwall and Exmoor.

Since they are not too keen on staying in hotels on a long term basis, they try to find a private holiday cottage in Devon and real homes for short term rent, which is a great way to see how the locals live and get a much nicer slice of life. These kinds of holidays are especially great if you are traveling together with the family, since it's a much nicer way to stay together in a quaint cottage rental.

The West Country is known for its scenic beauty and there is lots to do for all kinds of nature lovers. With coastlines along the English Channel and the Irish Sea, there are plenty of water based activities to indulge in as well. The area is also famous for its Devonshire Tea, ac combination of scones, jam and clotted cream. Reason enough to go there for a vacation, I think!


shuma.rani said...

I hope you enjoy your stay in Devonshire and be sure to try some of the farm made ice creams which are made with clotted cream - naughty but nice ;-)

Shalini said...

Oh no, I'm not going for this vacation...this would have been my choice from all the options though, so it was a bit of a vacation dreaming post.

Ice cream made with clotted cream sounds positively divine...think I need to bump this vacation up the list to to-go-to places :-)

shuma.rani said...

There is nothing wrong with vacation dreaming :))

Shalini said...

it's the best kind :-)

Jason said...

great post. Like always.