Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The art of travelling light

I get my travel genes from my parents, especially my father, who is quite an expert at planning trips, organizing the bookings, finding interesting places to go to and creating a wonderful vacation. He told me about a site called, which talks all about the fundamentals of traveling right, which start and end essentially with traveling light. He guides you through to making the right lists to sort through the things you actually need and will use on your trip and those that you think you might need, but never end up using after all.

It's a great site to also learn the rules and regulations for things that you are allowed to carry on board or not. Frequent travelers might know the ropes and the tricks but if you're relatively new or are planning a different kind of vacation where you need to keep things light, then this is a good source of information. The site has been recommended by major news and media sources such as Time and the Washington Post, so you can be sure of getting reliable information. I have bookmarked the site for further reference.

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