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Adding to an old post: A place to call home

This is a post I wrote long time back (April 22, 2005 to be exact), but it is one of my favorite posts, simply because it brings back memories of all the places that I have lived in. Now that we are in Dubai, I have added my thoughts and experiences of the city as well.

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Of the many cites, towns and even, villages I have lived in, what was the best one? What makes a place most desirable?

Is it the weather......Bangalore, Dagshai and Juneo would be tops;
or the life that a city offers in its:
restaurants.....Bangalore and Bristol;
theatre.....Bangalore and Providence;
art galleries........Providence;
libraries and book stores.......Bristol and Bangalore;
parks and green spaces.......Providence, Bristol, Dagshai and Juneo;
public transportation.......Boston, Providence and Bombay
daily conveniences and ease of traffic.......Kansas City and Chandigarh win here;
scenic beauty.......Bristol, Boston, Juneo, Providence and Dagshai;
shopping.....Bombay and the Maine shopping outlets
history.........Delhi, Providence and Bristol
quaint life........Bristol, Manhattan, KS and Juneo

  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India: IT city, cosmopolitan, relaxed and very welcoming.
  • Bombay, Maharashtra, India: So far more hype than reality.......time will tell. I think the style quotient got muddied with the name change to Mumbai.
  • Juneo, Himachal Pradesh, India: A village in Sirmour district where the peach growing area starts.
  • Dagshai, Himachal Pradesh, India: A British Cantonment in the Simla Hills of Himachal.
  • Chandigarh, UT, India: India's first planned city designed by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jenneret in the 1950's. Surprisingly, no other city has been able to replicate its success.
  • Delhi, India: Slowly being transformed into a great city.
  • Providence, Rhode Island, USA: America's gangster town turned into America's food capital by the last Mayor Buddy Cianci.
  • Bristol, Rhode Island, USA: America's first independence day parade took place here. The original route is maintained and promoted with a great sense of pride.
  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA: History everywhere you look here. A wonderful city to explore by foot.
  • Merriam/Kansas City, Kansas USA: Known as a City of Fountains, it is a beautiful city with a sense of joy and positiveness everywhere.
  • Manhattan, Kansas, USA: A university town and my first taste of American life. No matter how hard college life actually was, I will always have a soft spot for this town.
  • Dubai, UAE: A city bursting with energy, one that believes in making the impossible possible, a city that is impossible to imagine until one sees it for oneself.
So what is the right mix of the perfect place to live in? We seem to exploring new places with great speed and regularity, so it looks like a few more place to explore before deciding.

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