Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traveling the home exchange way

Finding a nice place to go to for the holidays is not easy work if you start off late. We've been searching for a nice 3-4 day vacation and have not been able to find either a nice place to stay or any special deals. Part of the problem is that our area of search is rather limited, since my visa is being processed and I cannot leave the country. But, if I could, we would be on our way to some place like Cyprus or Croatia!

I think I am through looking for nice cozy hotels to stay at though, and am now seriously thinking about doing a home exchange program, where we stay in someone's home and they or someone else stays in ours. At first, it seemed like a bit too much, to have someone stay in our home when we're not there, but it seems to make sense the more you think about it. After all, we could go and stay in someone else's house as well.

One of the best sites for home exchanges is JewettStreet, about which I have been planning to write for simply ages. is THE place to head to for any and all kind of information on home exchanges, and to find your perfect place. I have several destinations and homes in mind and would love to plan a trip for sometime next year. It really is becoming one of the best ways to see a new city or country and besides the small annual fee, your entire stay is free. What's better than a free vacation? More vacation time!

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